Due to geographic advantage of long latitudinal feature and its high level of endemic vegetation, Chile has great capacity to produce honey which is specific to the region with great quality. However, general tendency is that national beekeeping industry has been exporting their honey to the other part of the world without its real value or even designation as product of certain region. Therefore, we strongly believe that increasing the knowledge of our flora and fauna not only among local residence but also towards international market as well as education for our next generation about the regional ecosystem become significant for the protection of endemic vegetation in the country.


Our Mission

Quillay (Quilla-ja saponaria Mol.) grows in our region, Bio Bío. It is one of the most important endemic species in Chile. As we are the beekeepers in this region with the rich source of the nectar, Quillay, we have been given an amazing opportunity to produce regional specific honey, which means, the honey you cannot find in any other parts of the world. Therefore, we commit ourselves following two missions in order to enhance the development of our community as well as regional sustainability.


 1. Promote regional development through concept of “One village, one product”.

 2. Active conservation of Quillay as protection of endemic vegetation as well as regional sustainable development.


The concept “One village, one product” is to promote development of the region with a product, which represent the actual place of production. We give great importance to promote the community of Quillón through our endemic honey of Quillay to the rest of the world.